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Chemical Protection

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Chemical Suits

ONESUIT®  Shield إنتاج  Saint Goban – منشأ North America Hazmat Suit – Class B Certified to CBRN first Response and Chemical splash standards NEPA 1994 CLASS 2 (2012 EDITION) NFPA 1992 (2012 EDITION)

Chemical Kits

Chemical Spill Kit designated as yellow in color, designed to absorb aggressive and non-aggressive liquids such as acids, caustics, oil coolants, solvents, water and solutions. Fast acting with high absorbency rates for larger chemical spills down to bench top laboratory situations. Contents include Kit Shoulder Bag, 2 Socks, 25 Pads, 1 Disposal Bag and 1 […]

Oil Kits

Oil Only Spill Kit designated as white in color, designed to absorb and contain oils, fuels, solvents and most petrochemicals from land, but more specifically from water, as they will not absorb water. Contents include Kit Shoulder Bag, 2 Socks, 25 Pads, 1 Disposal Bag and 1 Instructions & Contents Card

Safety Eye Washers

Eye wash is a first aid item that is used at eyewash stations or in first aid kits. It is a cleanser for the eyes used in the event of a chemical eye injury involving acidic or alkaline substances or particles trapped in the eye. The purpose of the eyewash is to flush out harmful […]

Safety Showers

For all industries and applications operating under the heat of the sun in hot climates, this self-draining safety shower with eye/face wash unit is ideal to protect workers at risk of exposure to hazardous contaminants. Any standing water left in the pipes after activation is drained away to prevent stagnant water overheating in the standpipe […]

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit Includes: 1x gauze 10 * 10 2x gauze 1x Plaster Tray 1x gauze reel 5 cm 2x Bandage Triple Arm Holder 1x Alcohol Swab 1x Scissors 1x Compressor 1x roller coaster 5 cm 1x Latex Latix 1 x several type PVC resuscitation kit 2 x compressor strap 10 cm 1 x ready […]

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