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About Us

Who We Are

For the past 47 years Safety Point has been all about optimizing safety. We started off by optimizing firefighting solutions; anything from fire fighting vehicles to firefighting suits, boots, gloves and helmets. We started as a consulting firm and from 1977 we began our development into a safety haven for all of our customers whose safety has been our priority since then and up to this day Our goal then expanded to provide help to save as many people as possible, whether it is from natural disasters, catastrophes, fires or from residential hazards. Our aim is to protect people and those who protect people. That is why we supply fire fighters, rescue teams, and security implementers with all the tools necessary to rescue people from any dangerous situations safely; we provide high tech equipments to rescuers in difficult and unsafe situations. We also try to make their jobs easier by providing them with the premium protection gears so they can work safely. We also aim to help people help secure themselves so we supply various types of security systems as surveillance, alarms and detection in big corporations, malls, hotels and residential buildings. Our partners are the best all over the world and we aspire to be the main distributer for safety and security equipments all over the Middle East.

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Our Mission

To help our customers to develop, grow and sustain their business with economic assets, projects, products, and services that ensure the ultimate safety for both the individuals and assets through developing our technical expertise and always being ahead at our products’ innovation.

Our Vision

To be our customers “Safety hub” and top of mind choice when it comes to safety solutions; weather it is for domestic use, personal or for organizational purposes.

Our Team

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