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Firefighting Division

We are specialized in providing full range and varieties of firefighting equipment , tools and systems complying to international standards. All products conform and are customized for all applications of fire impact in Civil Protection, Petroleum, Industry sectors and others; with the best economical choice and reliable performance standing their training programs, after sales services to ensure utmost full satisfaction of our customers.

A whole complete and integrated personal protective equipment from head to toe; available with the best performance and highest standards; No matter the work field your expertise; Safety Point provide the total package with best durability and safety measures while still pioneers in training services for safety applications and protocols in O&G and Industry sectors

When it comes to rescue lives and with Safety Point curate, we offer the best equipment and dependable gears; which can do the job and also provide rescuer safety. Our range of products covers all fields and environments such as; Land rescue, water rescue and rescue from heights.

Safety Point stand with very long experience with cutting edge technology and state of art equipment and systems; which provide real time security and monitoring inside and outside Your facility.