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Dry Chemical Powder

We provides total custom-designed solutions in fire protection by distributing all kinds of firefighting foam, chemicals, concentrates, powders and commercial fire suppression systems for industrial requirements.
We distribute the most effective Dry Chemical Powders for all classes of fire. Our Dry Chemical Powders are manufactured using ground breaking technology to annhiliate uncontrollable fires.
ABC is a multi-purpose fire extinguishing powder with highest efficiency in fire classes A, B and C. The active fire extinguishing ABC is a highly efficient ammonium phosphate. It has beenmade resistant to influences of extreme climates by means of hydrophobing agents on silicone basis.

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Dry chemical powder ABC map 60% or 90%

Is used in Portable & Wheeled Extinguishers, Mobile units, Dry powder fixed system installations, Twin application systems where Propellants used are nitrogen & CO2. Is suitable for risks of Class A, Class B, Class C, Class D and Class E fires. Is compatible with foams and other similar powders. European standard EN 3 &615

Dry chemical powder Model/ MONNEX Class BCE Powder

Model/ MONNEX Class BCE Powder Monnex™ dry chemical powder is recommended for large fires (Class B, C and E) where superior fire extinguishing qualities and reliable protection is of paramount importance. Monnex™ is particularly effective against fire involving L.N.G, alcohols, ketones and esters, which are more difficult for conventional firefighting agents. Manufacturing process and quality […]

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