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Foam Solutions

We are committed to producing high quality firefighting foam products and have a number of product certifications that allow our customers to purchase our products with confidence.
Our products are suitable for different types of fires and are perfectly suited to your purchasing needs.
Composed of premix solution (a ratio of water and foam concentrate) mixed with air. It forms a stable foam blanket which spreads above the fuels and adheres to surfaces. Some types of foam forms a film above the fuel surface and seals vapours. The use of fire fighting foam concentrate prevents fuel contact with oxygen, resulting in fire suppression. It also has a high cooling effect and will avoid reignition.
Foam concentrate is based on hydrocarbon surfactants. They have different compositions:
Synthetic firefighting foams:
Fluorine-Free Foams (F3, also known as FFF): creating a foam blanket full of bubbles
Fluorinated foams: Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) and Alcohol-Resistant Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AR-AFFF also called AFFF-ARC)
Protein-base foams:
Protein foam
Film Forming Fluoroprotein (FFFP)
Alcohol-Resistant Film Forming Fluoroprotein (AR-FFFP)

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AFFF – Firefighting agents Aqueous Film Forming Foam concentrate (AFFF 3% OR 6%)

(AFFF 3% OR 6%) KV-LITE AFFF is Aqueous Film Forming Foam concentrate (AFFF) has characteristic of film forming, KV-LITE AFFF is available in 3 % and 6 % concentrate. It can be used with fresh water or seawater. It is suitable for application with standard low expansion foam making equipment like in-line inductors, different types […]

AR- Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AR-AFFF 3×3% or 3×6%)

(AR-AFFF 3×3% or 3×6%) KV-LITE AR-AFFF is an environmental friendly C6 based foam concentrate containing Fluorinated Surfactants, KV-LITE AR-AFFF is available in 3 x 3% and 3 x 6% concentrate. It can be used with fresh water as well as seawater. It is also available in Low Temperature Freeze Protected type. It is suitable for […]

Floroprotein foam Concentrate (FP 3% or 6%)

Concentrate (FP 3% or 6%) KV-LITE FP is based on proteineous material, which gives good sealing and excellent burn back resistance. KV-LITE FP is available in 3 % and 6 % concentrate. It can be used with fresh water as well as sea water. It can be applied with the help of all types of […]

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