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MODEL/MAB 300 3000 Liter / min at 10 bar and 400 Liter / min at 40 bar One Intake hole / (4) Ejection holes

Pump MODEL/MPH 230

MODEL/MPH 230 3400 Liter / min at 10 bar / 400 Liter / min at 40 bar (2) Intake Hole / (4) Ejection Hole

Multipurpose Upper Monitors

A multi-purpose upper monitor MODEL/IM2 MVN The ejector provides a column of water / foam and is characterized by the ability to throw water / foam in various shapes. Column / spray – discharge rate up to 3000 liters / minute at a pressure of 10 bar. Distinguished by the ability to manually control the […]

Fixed Mixing Devices

Fixed mixing device MODEL/IFP 180 – 480 Around pump direct mixing system has the ability to rapidly generate foam from 180 Liter / min to 480 Liter / min. The device is compatible with all types of foaming liquids and Its concentrates. The ability to Control the mixing ratio 0-6%.

High pressure Reels

High pressure Reels MODEL/IM 38/60 Hose reel with a hose length of 60 meters and a diameter of (1) inch made of reinforced rubber. The hose is complete with multi-purpose column / spray / mist ejector. The discharge of 200 Liter / Min at a pressure of 40 bar. Extrusion range is not less than […]

Water Telescopic Mast

aqua mist To be equipped on a firefighting and rescue vehicle or a fixed platform.

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