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Electrical Protection

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Each Arc flash protective suit include (coat, bib trousers, hood and visor, face Shield, , pair of gloves and pair of Dielectric boot) ASTM F 1959, F1506, F2621 And NFPA 70 E Used For Protect against Electric Arc Flash, protecting Upper & lower body, neck, arms, legs to ankles Made from a light weight and […]

Novax Electrical Gloves

NOVAX CLASS 00:- 2,500 Volt Tested – 500 Volt Working NOVAX CLASS 0:- 5,000 Volt Tested – 1,000 Volt Working NOVAX CLASS 1:- 10,000 Volt Tested – 7,500 Volt Working NOVAX CLASS 2:- 20,000 Volt Tested – 17,000 Volt Working NOVAX CLASS 3:- 30,000 Volt Tested – 26,000 Volt Working NOVAX CLASS 4:- 40,000 Volt […]


ELVEX HRC1 Shield face protection of electricity 4.9cal / cm2.

Dielectric Safety Boot

EN ISO 20345:2011 For working environment with high voltage hazards Power stations operations Substation (step-up/step down/distribution) operations Electrical hazards with wet condition / water exposure High current leakage hazards Electrical installations  


Safety shoes-Electrician workers Model/ COFRA –NEW ELECTRICAL EN ISO 20345:2004  طبقا للمواصفات القياسية ​ Grain leather boot, breathable and water-repellent, color black, anti-shock, slipping resistant, nonmetallic APT Plate midsole. Key points: insole and sole are highly electric resistant. The whole boot has been designed in order not to have any metal parts; bellows tongue; padded […]

Electric Mat

SHERWOOD Reel 10 meters Length of electrical insulation carpet 2.5 mm thickness and 915 mm width (for the pulley 10meters)

Grip Tight Plus CB

Grip Tight Plus CB Lockout Device – Oversized Handle CB (480/600 V)

Grip Tight Plus CB

Grip Tight Plus CB Lockout Device – Miniature CB (120/240 V)

Universal Miniature Circuit Breaker

Universal Miniature Circuit Breaker Lockout Device

Miniature CB Lockout

Miniature CB Lockout (Red Tab – Wide Toggles)

Miniature CB Lockout

Rotating Large Electrical Plug Lockout

Rotating Gate Valve

1” to 3” diameter – 25 mm to 76 mm 2” to 5” diameter – 51 mm to 12.7 cm 4” to 6-1/2” diameter – 10.2 cm to 16.5 cm 6” to 10” diameter – 15.2 cm to 25.4 cm 8” to 13” diameter – 20.3 cm to 33 cm

Safety Tag

Danger Do Not Operate – Safety Tag

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