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PROTECTA AM450/120 Sling anchor point Width 25 mm – length 1.2 m – Absorb 22 kilo Newton


PROTECTA AJ514 Carbineer Aluminum Automatic lock with automatic lock

Rope Grab

PROTECTA AC400 Breaking rope with automatic Carbineer with automatic lock

Wire Grab

PROTECTA 6180200 Wire Fall Arrest With Carbineer- Power 15 KiloNewton

Rope Pulleys

PROTECTA AG570 Reel rope – carrying capacity 30 newton 

Rope Ascenders

PROTECTA AG563 Ascender

Descender AG560

PROTECTA AG560 Descender for rescue

Descender AG625000

PROTECTA AG625000 Descender for rescue equipped withAnti panic system  

Rope Pulley

PROTECTA AL0105T/1 Rope pulley (200 meters) diameter 10.5 mm White color – (m)

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