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Rescue Pulley

PROTECTA AG62503001 Rescue Pulley for lifting  

Rescue Kit

PROTECTA AG62503001 (Rescue Kit) Full pulley rescue includes Ascender & Descender With 3 Sling 120cm    


It is made with a particularly robust and durable plastic on which has undergone a special thermal treatment that improves the elastic memory feature. It is revolutionary because it is the only recovery stretcher which can be stored in a backpack when not in use. It guarantees a notable degree of immobilization, protection and safety […]

Safety Net

3M™ DBI-SALA® Netting System Debris/Personnel Net With the 3M™ DBI-SALA® Adjustable Net , four net sizes adjust to fit any size or shaped environment, eliminating the need for numerous multiple sized nets, reducing inventory and costs. Shrink the adjustable net down for compact areas or expand to full size. Snap them together for the largest […]


PROTECTA AK043 A bag for keeping personal protectiveequipment

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