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Telescopic fire ladders with a hinged connection AT/AS SERIES

More outreach. More working height. More depth below ground level. More capabilities.
Magirus turntable ladders with articulated arms and telescoping articulated arms go to work where conventional turntable ladders reach their limits:
• Reaching emergencies in narrow city centres
• Winding, contorted industrial facilities
• Gabled windows, pitched roofs and skylights on gable rears
• Recessed galleries and patios
• Below ground-level areas
• Balustrades
• Road overhead lines
• Lighting and telephone cables
With our ladders, nothing is beyond your reach.
Articulated ladders offer their full benefit in city centres or with objects that can only be approached from one side. For roof fires or rescuing people from attic apartments, the articulated arm in combination with the three- or four-person rescue cage provides optimal access. Roofs can be easily moved around and even recessed windows or rescue routes can be reached.
The bendable, telescoping articulated arm makes a crucial difference in overcoming walls, fences and other hurdles. Its ability to be immersed in containers, silos, shafts etc. increases its tactical operational value. Optionally available with shaft rescue function.
Not all ladder sections are extended simultaneously; instead, the topmost section is first extended on its own followed by all other ladder sections. This saves energy and conserves material. Compared to conventional articulated arm turntable ladders, the weight distribution between the front and rear axles is improved and the payload of the rear axle increased.

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