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Horizontal lifeline systems that deliver mobility and fall protection for at height workers.

The Horizontal Lifeline System can be used for either work restraint or fall arrest and is suitable for multiple applications. It allows users complete freedom of movement to carry out their work uninterrupted, in a continuous straight line and around corners, provided a suitable structure is available for connection of the lifeline.

  • Ideally suited to modern building projects, refurbishments and industrial safety applications
  • Can be fitted to steel beams, concrete and brickwork
  • Suitable for use on older roof constructions in conjunction with fabricated anchor posts
  • Allows up to 15 m spans between support brackets for multiple users.

This is especially important for people required to work in many aspects of building maintenance tasks on roofs, as they can be exposed to significant risks whilst carrying out their duties. Changes in weather, fragile roof elements, slips and trips, wind, steep inclines and slippery surfaces can all add to the dangers, so providing a safe system of work is essential, ensuring both compliance with regulations and the safety of employees and contractors.

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