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FIXED FOAM monitor / Model: PROTECTOR RED # Z1121A
With 4 ANSI 150 Inlet C/W Self Educing Foam Nozzle # ZMF12A – TFT
Monitor will supply with stainless steel built 2.5-inch ball valve + lever handle
Port for Pressure gauge & drain valve
Monitor equipped with inlet: 4-inch ANSI150
Flow rate: up to 4500 lit /min (designed waterway gives delivery up to 1250 GPM with low friction loss)
Operating pressure: required output / 1900 lit/min achieved at 7 bars
Monitor usable with fresh or brackish water (to be fully flushed after usage)
Horizontal movement: (degrees) Continuous 360
Vertical movement: -70 below till + 80 up
Monitor equipped with TFT self-educing foam nozzle model: ZMF12A, 2.5-inch w/fog teeth provide 1900 lit/min – gives water Jet and wide fog, manual adjusting.
Throw range:40m up to 60mt horizontally

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