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Δ Unified construction for indoor and outdoor use, for all WTMD models
Δ New integrated design
Δ Total mechanical compatibility with current IP20 (plastiand IP65 (stainless steel) control units: ∂ Dimensional ∂ Installation ∂ Wiring ∂ Chip card
Δ Waterproof / Dustproof: IP rating IP66 compliant
Δ UL 94 flame retardant – UL Flame Class Rating –
V0 compliant
Δ Outdoor suitability: UL 746C – UV light, water exposure – F1 compliant
Δ Integrated assembly system with unification and reduction of the number of components
Δ Robust structure through the use of high-performance polymers for the construction of housing
Δ Exceptional impact resistance at low and high temperatures (from -40 ° C to 70 ° C), resistance to corrosion from atmospheric agents and excellent long-term performance even in cold temperatures.
Δ Transparent protection cover with safety lock and perimeter jet breaker gasket
Δ Display made with specific polymer to improve the visibility of the LEDs by increasing the definition and clarity
Δ Double GORE-TEX® ventilation valve to: ∂ Equalize internal pressure to prevents leaks ∂ Build a barrier to contaminants ∂ Manage moisture and condensation ∂ Preserve sound intensity

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