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A robust “wheeled trolley” under vehicle mirror, specifically designed and developed with security personnel in mind, for searching the underside of vehicles. A large unbreakable polycarbonate mirror provides a wide angle image, illuminated by a powerful 12 volt 8 watt fluorescent tube.
The “T” handle, which assists in tilting the mirror, is telescopic and folds away when not in use. Power is supplied by rechargeable batteries, and a charging system for 110v or 240V is included.
A glass convex mirror is available to special order.
An illuminated security mirror to assist in vehicle, boat or aircraft search. The ‘Safe-C’ incorporates a telescopic handle measuring just 20cm when shut, yet extends to 80cm when in use. An automatic on/off switch provides illumination to the mirror offer- ing excellent vision day or night. The Safe-C mirror is compact enough to be carried in your pocket.

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